Yen Bai Province

Capital city:Yen Bai
Area (sq km):6,808
Average temp:18 - 28ºC
Ethnic data:Viet/Kinh, Cao Lan, Dao, Giay, H’mong, Kho Mu, Muong, Nung, Phu La, San Chay, Tay, Thai.
Districts/wards:Luc Yen, Mu Cang Chai, Nghia Lo, Tram Tau, Tran Yen, Van Chan, Van Yen, Yen Binh.


Yen Bai Province is located in Tay Bac, the northern part of the country. It is bordered by on the north by Ha Giang, the south by Son La, on the northeast by Tuyen Quang, on the southeast by Phu Tho and the northwest ny Lao Cai.


Natural beauty sights:
Thac Ba Lake.

Historic sights:

Tourist sights:
Thac Ba Hydroelectric Plant is an interesting site. Yen Bai Tourism and Trade Department, along with the Institute for Tourism Research, are developing tourism in this area. Come and be a pioneer!

Dong Cuong Festival.


Transport - Rail
Yen Bai is located astride the Ha Noi/Lao Cai rail line. Trains from Ha Noi's Giap Bat Station depart at 07.10H arriving at Yen Bai 14.00H; departures from Ha Noi's Long Bien Station at 12.20H and arrive in Yen Bai at 17.20H. Southbound trains from Yen Bai depart at 06.50H and 08.30H; arriving at Ha Noi's Long Bien at 11.40H and 15.20H at Ha Noi's Giap Bat Station.

Transport - Road
Yen Bai is 183 kilometres from Ha Noi. Buses leave daily for Yen Bai from Ha Noi’s Kim Ma bus station. Yen Bai is also a stopping point for bus running the Ha Noi/Lao Cai route.