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To the northwest without enjoying the beauty of terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai, they may be said not to see all the beauty of Viet Nam.

Northwest always been known for the unique terraced fields, the winding mountain pass, majestic mountains and the people extremely friendly.
Terraces, tourist attractions of Mu Cang Chai
Mu Cang Chai is a small mountain town located in the western province of Yen Bai, Ha where about 300km.De enjoy the beauty of the grain fields, you should come here in about October.
However, Mu Cang Chai is very charming with green fields Seats are subjects exam daughter, where has nine gold uom.Ruong significantly scale as the puzzle pieces attached to each other and coordinate with each other very harmonious and unique. The terraced fields at three LA Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and Ze Xu bulge was the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam queue is national scenic spots.
In particular, if traveling by car, you will enjoy the majestic beauty of the mountains northwest while standing on the Khau Pha Pass under Highway 32 go through Mu Cang Chai - where it is known as one of the four great Pass of Vietnam.
There are many paths from Mu Cang Chai back to Hanoi, if your trip lasts about 3 or 4 days, you can loop through Dien Bien to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Wall Bridge Pa and Pha Din Pass this is one of the four great Pass of Vietnam.
Wall Bridge Pa
Pa Uon bridge spans the Black River on Highway 279, Chieng Grace, Quynh Chew, Son La is known as the First Indochina with high natural bridge deck from the ground up to the car is 105m, especially between demand rate as high as 120m. Standing in the middle of the bridge, is just a tiny dot between the picture painted marine blue mountains, rivers and deep data mining, white clouds playing on the top. From a distance Pa Uon bridge as a reinforced concrete illustrious dragon hole between two towering mountains.
To traverse the Northwest probably spend a lot of time, but if you only have time for 3-4 days, go to Mu Cang Chai enjoy the peaceful beauty and grandeur.
Beautiful pictures of Mu Cang Chai:
Khau Pha Pass
Pha Din Pass
Baby upland
Sunset over the Pha Din Pass
The colors of the terraced
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