Yen Bai Viet Nam

Tu Le Valley Yen Bai Vietnam
Tu Le Valley Yen Bai Vietnam

Yen Bai, a land of the rugged mountains that conceal so many records of history, of the breathtaking passes which made many battles of Vietnam into legends, of the evergreen tea plantations which hypnotize the travelers passing by, of the golden rice terraces which has defined the standards of the wild beauty of north-western Vietnam, of the ethnic minorities whose life has remained unchanged for centuries, of the fresh hill stations whose climate remains almost unchanged all year not yet on the tour itineraries or travel plans of most travellers to Vietnam.

Thac Ba Lake Yen Bai Vietnam

Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai, Vietnam

Yen Bai is little-known to the traveler communities. Travelers started to know about Yen Bai through photos taken by some adventure photographers which showed the stunning beauty of the rice terraces, of the rugged mountains and of the green tea plantations.

Nowadays, with the upgrade of the road system and the economic developments in the area, Yen Bai is getting known more to the outside world and to the adventure travel communities. Still, there's little information about Yen Bai and due to lack of tourism infrastructure, that traveling through the province for the whole day, it's often that no other travelers caught in sight. Paradissa Travel has got a number of community-oriented adventure tours and photography tours through Yen Bai, if you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact our Vietnam travel experts.

Tu Le Rice Field Yen Bai Vietnam

Rice terraces at Tu Le, yen Bai, Vietnam

Reading this article and planning to travel through Yen Bai, then be prepared to expect the unexpected, be planned that your travel plan be changed, be aware that local people are still curious about the outside world, be known that the unknown remains in the local culture...A trip through Yen Bai can be a challenge or a reward; it could help to accumulate many unforgettable memories of adventure travel or it could disappoint the tourists who are more used to amenities...all depends on the individual travel tastes.

Tu Le Rice Terraces Yen Bai Vietnam
Rice terraces at Tu Le, yen Bai, Vietnam

Khau Pha Pass Yen Bai Vietnam
Khau Pha Pass, Yen Bai, Vietnam

Street food at Yen Bai
Street food at Nghia Lo, Yen Bai, Vietnam

Red Zao Ladies Yen Bai Vietnam
Red Zao Ladies at Yen Bai Vietnam